New Blind Hockey League sets its sights on 2024!

A statement from the Blind Hockey League Players Association:

The new Blind Hockey League was officially revealed Saturday, November 18th, 2023 with the announcement of both a united BHLPA Board of Directors and a vision for the highest level of competition in the history of the sport.

The BHL plans to play its games in a variety of facilities from NCAA to NHL, junior and minor league arenas. The league also plans to stream each game digitally on BHL TV.

The 2024 series schedule will be announced in the coming months.

Dan Schramm, BHLPA Chair of the Board of Directors says the time is now for a unified league of competitive Blind Hockey players, a league by the players for the players. Ultimately the best on best, away from international competition. Schramm is joined by BHLPA player board members, Simon Richard, Luke Miller, Jason Yuha and Tristan Lindberg. 

To be clear, the league does not intend to replace existing local, national or international programs; rather we will collaborate with partners to create additional opportunities for players at the highest level of competition. We hope this inspires more beginners to the sport to join us – at any age – and begin their dream of making it to the BHL.

After a successful BHL pilot event as part of the 2023 Carnegie Cup in Toronto, Blind Hockey player and organizer Mark DeMontis felt the memorable event was truly just the beginning of the BHL journey. DeMontis continues to assist the league as Executive Director.

The BHLPA has vowed to manage and operate the league differently, understanding the key stakeholders are the players who deserve a fair, transparent framework while still harnessing the diversity and accessibility in our great game. 

In the coming weeks, the BHLPA will be meeting to vote on BHL player eligibility and a selection process. It is also in the final stages of determining the 2024 Official Rules and Regulations.

We are very happy to be starting this journey and look forward to having you with us along the way.

The Blind Hockey League Players Association

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